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In my yard I have a lot of trees and pine trees – my kids hate to do the yard work in the fall. Last year I ordered the perfect leaf scoop from the website. It works well with picking up those dried pine needles. Now my kids don’t mind helping! It’s also a good tool for general lawn debris.

Marty Van Otterloos
Eden Prairie, Minnesota

We bought a set of perfect leaf scoops from a friend who sells at home and garden shows in Minneapolis. It works very well in all yard waste and we like it. We also ordered one extra set for our mother in pink. My wife likes the pink color.

Bill Lee
Bloomington, Minnesota

When my wife showed me what she bought at the summer festival, I was skeptical about the unit the perfect leaf scoop. One day we had a big storm and the debris of tree branches was everywhere in our yard. I decided to take the perfect leaf scoop to gather up all those branches. I’m impressed it works just like the name, it’s come in handy when the Fall leaves were everywhere, I use it to scoop up the leaves & it saves me time, it can gather up a lot of leaves. I sure like it.

Rob Collins

When I first saw the Perfect Leaf Scoop, I thought: “What a neat idea!” I’ve found it handy to use for scooping up leaves and grass clippings to load into a wheelbarrow, cart, or bag. It’s holding up well to repeated use, and seems to be pretty good quality. All in all, a nice product.

G. M. Auzenne
Gibbon, Minnesota

I love to garden and I bought the set of perfect leaf scoops from my friend who is the inventor of this product. I use it for all 3 seasons. In the summer I use it for my garden and picking up after trimming small bushes. In the fall I use it to gather all fall leaves to put in the bags, it’s a perfect tool for gather leaves. In the spring it’s good for spring cleaning up the winter debris.

Kathy Nguyen
St. Louis Park, Minnesota

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