Who’s Behind
Perfect Leaf Scoop

Muoi Tia

The Idea

Thirty years ago, I was raking leaves in the fall with my husband. I told him I had an idea to make a tool to scoop the leaves. When I expressed this idea to him, he said it would be too challenging with my poor English skills & little money. I agreed that he was right.

Work in Progress

I kept this idea to myself for many years , it wasn’t until I met my co-worker, Manuel. One day, he came and sat next to me and said, “Muoi you are a very smart woman if you have an idea I can help you.”

That got me so excited again, and I could not sleep! I was once again motivated to get a patent for my idea, but at the same time my English was so poor I couldn’t apply for the patent, so I instead called three inventor’s companies. I overcame many obstacles over two years, but kept on working and officially got my patent.

A Dream – Realized!

After many years of hard work, lots of money, and many sleepless nights…I am so proud to present to you…The Perfect Leaf Scoop!

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